Phytic acid

We give our parrots as many fresh unprocessed food as we can, which is good!
But some vegetables have a built-in defense mechanism; phytic acid. These are acids in plants are protecting against plagues and gluttonous. These acids cause a subtle kind of burden on the devourer. It inhibits the uptake of certain nutrients, inter alia, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus.

Where are phytic acids?
Inter alia, in beans / legumes, nuts (especially Brazil nuts), (chia) seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and brown rice. 

Make phytic acids harmless
You make phytic acids harmless in the following ways:


Soaking and cooking
Due to first soak beans and then cooking them lose phytic acid.
In addition to good nutrition nuts have quite a lot of phytic acid also. The acid can be  reduce to soak th nuts in water, vinegar or sour milk.
A study has shown that nuts which were soaked for 18 hours, then dried in a dehydrator and then toasted a large part of the phytic acid is lost. Previously,  the Indians prepared the nuts and seeds by soaking them for 24 hours in salt water, then let them dry in the sun.

• All legumes contains phytic acid. If we want to reduce the phytic acid in beans, first we have to let them sprout a few days  in a clean damp but mostly warm environment and then cooking (rinse well). The sprouting of beans increases the amount of zinc and improves digestion. This phytic acid is halved by 50 percent. There are an incredible amount of seeds, nuts and grains that can be sprout. Choose the biological variation.


• Seeds have a very high content of phytic acid. Sometimes it can be removed by soaking and roasting (on low heat to max. 175 ° C).



Mash / Chop / Basic parrot food

This morning I make a small batch of Chop.
I give this basic food along with some Harrison’s pellets to my birds.
I usually add some fresh or frozen fruit with the Chop.

I start with some ingredients (whatever I have in the pantry) and chop
them in the food processor:
In this case: Apple from my garden with zest, red, yellow and orange peppers, spinach, mixed nuts, arugula.

IMG_2004Mix together.
Feezing in easy servings

Offer the birds with tasty additions.
In this case:
Fresh Banana, Pistachio, crape, hemp seed and a piece of fig.



Delicious gourmet breakfast

A delicious gourmet breakfast this morning ;-)
In the blender I put some spinach, cucumber, peppers, berries and banana.
In the bowl I put some bee pollen, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds and Orlux Tropical Patee.


Mingle and enjoy!IMG_1569

Tropical Patee Orlux is a softbill food with fruit and is enriched with different kinds of dried fruits: papaya, pineapple, apricot, apple, raisins and rowan. I do not use it every day, but put it regularly in the birdie breakfast.


Crispy chunks for parrots – recipe


Dear readers, I finally weighed all the ingredients for the delicious crispy chunks for parrots, but I forgot to take pictures during the preparation hahaha!
So I put some pictures in this blog from other cooking sessions, so you get a good all over picture.
The picture above is, incidentally, from this batch :-)

40 grams of mixed nuts
40 grams of mixed organic seeds
100 grams drained cooked Quinoa
30 grams buckwheat flour
10 grams sunflower seeds
10 grams buckwheat kernels
10 grams Sesame blond
10 grams Sesame black
10 grams negro seed


Crush the nuts and the banana and put all the ingredients together.
Press firmly into a mold and place it on an oven rack, covered with silver foil.


Put it in a preheated oven and bake at  150˚ C till it is dry inside.

I baked the chunks in my oven in 20 minutes, but then it was not dry inside, so I have expanded the time with another 15 minutes. I have a convection oven.
Please note, every oven is different!

Store tip:
When the chucks are cool down, I put them in a bowl and safe them in the freezer, so I have every time delicious crunchy chumks for the birds.


Birds in nature are part of the day finding food (foraging). In addition, they are working on socializing, preening, sleep and in the season: ensuring the nest and baby birds.
In our homes the parrots are sitting in the cage for a long time with food and drink bowls  always available. Boredom can easily strike. Therefore, it is fun and instructive to provide foraging toys for your bird(s).  You can buy them, but certainly you can make it yourself! This is not to difficult. For example, I regularly give the birds an empty toilet roll with crumpled newspaper stuffed with a nut. Thus they are demolish and eventually they find a tasty snack!

I also have for each bird a stainless steel kebab skewer. I stringing food and (demolition) toys. Food and demolish … what more does a bird want? : p

IMG_0707This is a handy skewer.

In the paper bag is also a nut clogged.

Kiko begins to explore the skewer immediately

IMG_1117A skewer with smartie-boxes, filled with a healthy treat :-)

Medicine boxes filled with dry food, little orange peppers and apple slice.

foragingAt our house no one is smoking anymore, but a box of medicine or candy boxes are also working great! Take a paper towel, including a paper cake paper, fill it with a nut; crumpled it and put in a box. This also gives a lot of fun!

IMG_4606 IMG_4604Small cardboard boxes with nice things in it. Put a Tie Rip through it and attach it to the cage. Use your imagination. Each bird is curious and wants to know what’s in that box :-)