Is your parrot picky and don’t like chop?

Don’t your parrot eat mixed vegetables (mash/chop)?

How I learn my African Grey eating chop.
I made a nice mash / chop, and threw it in the blender, not too long, just nice small pieces  ​​and I add pieces of nut: half walnut, a cashew, hazelnut or other nuts. Just because my Grey love nuts!
The little nut was also devide in smal pieces and I add it at the blended greens.
Gradually I reduce the amount of nuts and after a while only greens/fruits remained.
I do not remember exactly how long it took Tommy began to eat everything, but I think after  2-3 months.

Now I add sometimes nuts or seeds at the mash, just to spoil my birds 🙂

Mash and pellets

Today I make a big batch of mash for the birds! One part goes into the dehydrator to make pellets and one part I’m freezing. So I can give it ‘fresh’ to the birds  if I’m in a hurry in the morning and don’t have time to prepare something for them.

What goes into the mash / pellets?

I also had a nice dish with fresh sprouts, which I just forgot to put in the mash, but they are equally well prepared 🙂
– All organic: Kale, lettuce, winter purslane, broccoli, cucumber, cougette, yellow and red peppers, banana, apple (not on the picture) sweet yam, chili pepper, parsnips, beetroot, carrot, pumpkin and beets.

Just boil the sweet potato and beet for a short time.
Whole wheat macaroni and rice.

All through the blender and mix in a large pan.

Doesn’t that look delicious?!

One part freezing in molds.

Take it out of the molds and place in resealable freezer bags and put it back in the freezer.

The other part of the mash is in the dehydrator to make pellets.
Five layers!
Tomorrow I show a picture of the pellets when they are done 🙂