Basic / mash / chop / mixture

I made a batch of basic veggie mixture. Delicious fresh raw organic vegetables. Divided into portions and frozen. Convenient for everyday use, just add some ingredients and every day there is a lovely meal. And the stock saves a lot of work in the morning 🙂

In this case, I made the following mixture:

All colors are represented.

A big pot full of chopped vegetables.

That looks so healthy! Nice base for a delicious vegetable soup!

Divided into portions for later, when it is frozen, to take out the portions from the form and place in a Ziploc bag.

In the absence of forms, here some smaller Ziploc bags to put in the freezer.

And here the basic mix with some fruit through.

Pellets #6

This time new pellets but without sprouts (time was too short).
Beetroot, jungle peanut, arugula, red peppers, watercress, apple, banana, grapes, broccoli, yellow and red peppers and sesame seeds.

pellets #6

pellets commercieel en zelf gemaakt
Sidedish 🙂
Along with Harrison’s pellets a delicious meal. Nice to report that the  homemade pellets be chosen over the Harrison’s! Also by Tommy who loves the Harrison’s pellets  🙂