Pellets #5

I made pellets again today. Pellets number 5! I’m so glad to see that the birds love it. So far all variations are a success πŸ™‚

Ingredients this time:
Fresh corn – pods – sprouts – sugar snap peas – Mini corn – red peppers – apples – grapes – broccoli – jungle peanuts (germinated: soybeans, chickpeas – mung beans) => this time no sprouts.

ingredienten pellets #5

Before everything went in the dryer I have a separate bowl given to the birds with the fresh ingredients:
ingredienten pellets

From dryer it looks like this:

pellets # 5

Pellets are always easy to perform in addition to fresh food daily. It’s also easy to process into (food)toys, so it remains challenging to obtain food.

Parrot Pellets #3

An update of making a new variation of parrot pellets.
Again with all fresh products. The birds love the home made pellets and these were approved again πŸ™‚

A few days sprouted vegetables such as:
Mung and adukibeans, red and green lentils and chickpeas.

Add someΒ  fruit and vegetables:

like broccoli, red and yellow peppers, lettuce, sugar snap peas, quinoa, mango, apple, lemon, sesame seeds, wild jungle peanuts.

All through the blender and mixed. For about 12 hours in the Dehydrator.


Mixed veggies

This afternoon I make for the third time the lovely parrot pellets. I will make a separate blog so that all ingredients are disclosed.

This morning the birds have a veggie mix of:
Brussels sprouts, paksoy, mixed vegetables (carrots, peppers, cabbage and bean sprouts), sprouted beans, cooked beans, quinoa, apple, peach powder and hazel nut.
groentenmix voor papegaaien

go through the blender:
groentenmix voor papegaaien