Some nice parrots meals

December is a busy month, but I do not forget the parrots and they are served daily nice fresh dishes. I forget sometimes to make pictures and sometimes real life is buzzy that I not upload the pics. Here are some pictures of nice meals for the birds the past days.

kiwie mais tropical fruitpate
kiwi, grape, tropical patee, pot beans, dried vegetables and corn

komkommer, banaan bonenpotje pepertje fruitpoedercucumber, banana, grape, bean pot, bee pollen, chili pepper, cooked beans

kiwi appel druif sesamzaad
kiwi, grapes, red and yellow peppers, apples, cooked beans, mullberry, cooked beans, sesame seeds and tropical patee

mais mango appel bonenpotje
mango, kiwi, chili pepper, cooking beans, grape, apple and broccoli

pepertje mango bonenpotje banaan walnoot
cooked beans, broccoli, chili pepper, mango, apple, banana, and walnut and bee pollen