Today I baked cookies for the birds. I forgot to weigh the ingredients and make a photo of it. ….
But here is the recipe 🙂

nuts (raw and no salt)

sweet potato



sunflower seeds
sesame seed black and white

quinoa flakes
buckwheat flour

Create the nuts finely.
Peel and boil the sweet potato (15 min.).
Let the cooked potato to cool down and mashing.
Add all ingredients together except the buckwheat flour.
Add as many buckwheat flour in to the batter and make a thick paste.

Divide the batter on a griddle.

Bake in the oven at 175 ° C for about 30 minutes.

Divide in to cubes.

Basic / mash / chop / mixture

I made a batch of basic veggie mixture. Delicious fresh raw organic vegetables. Divided into portions and frozen. Convenient for everyday use, just add some ingredients and every day there is a lovely meal. And the stock saves a lot of work in the morning 🙂

In this case, I made the following mixture:

All colors are represented.

A big pot full of chopped vegetables.

That looks so healthy! Nice base for a delicious vegetable soup!

Divided into portions for later, when it is frozen, to take out the portions from the form and place in a Ziploc bag.

In the absence of forms, here some smaller Ziploc bags to put in the freezer.

And here the basic mix with some fruit through.

Seed balls

Okay, here the recipe of the seed balls that I recently made.
It consists the products that I had in the house at that time.


Blonde flax seed, pine nuts, grated coconut, cashew nuts, whole buckwheat, buckwheat flour, hulled hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, black sesame seeds (not in picture: wheat seeds, raisins and goji berries)

Mixed organic seeds with dried fruits and an egg.

Cooked carrot & quiona.

Here is the result from the oven (40 minutes, 175 ˚C / 347 ˚F), balls and shapes.

And then the balls goes at the testing panel:


           Rikki & Tommy


Pellets #9

Today I make a new supply of pellets and fresh mash to freeze.

The Saturday delivery of organic fruits and vegetables:

The ingredients for the pellets:

red peppers
rocket lettuce
Pick Steel
field lettuce

(there is also a bag of winter purslane I make cookies of -> see next blog)
I add also cooked quinoa, 2 apples, hemp seeds, mixed nuts and some sunflower seeds.

All through the blender:

Mash smearing on dehydrator sheets:

A number of molds filled with mash to put in the freezer:

Take it out of the molds and in put in ziplock bags back in the freezer:

The pellets out of the dryer:

Golden yummy bits

Today I made a treat for the birds. It is so nice to provide something else!
Ingredients: (and this time I sort of measured it!)
1/4 cup buckwheat flour
1/3 cup quinoa flakes
1/4 cup mixed raw nuts
1/2 cup mango (thawed)
5 dates
1 tablespoon blond flaxseed
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1 tablespoon sunflower seeds/ pine nuts / pumpkin seeds (mixed)
1 tablespoon shredded coconut
1 tablespoon palm kernel oil
1 tablespoon fruit powder
1 egg
Put the dates, nuts and mango through the food processor and mix everything together.
Add all the ingredients and form the bits.

In the oven for 25 minutes at 350˚ F

Tommy had a piece stolen during the cooling …

Birdie banana bon bons

Inspired by  a recipe at Megan her blog ‘Parrot Foraging and Fun’  I immediately wanted to make a tasty snack for my birds. The recipe is adapted to the stuff I had in stock and it became delicious Birdie banana bon bons!

buckwheat flour, banana, chopped nuts, raisins, coconut flakes and a tablespoon organic palm kernel oil

sunflower seeds, buckwheat, flaxseed and quinoa flakes.
Mixed it and make little balls than roll through quinoa flakes.
Out of the oven: (30 min. 350F)

Cookies / crackers / chips

This week I enjoy to experimenting with the dehydrator.  I make for myself as well for the birds some crunchy snacks. Whether you call it cookies, crackers or chips: we think they are delicious 🙂

I made two different batters.

The first crackers:
Sweet potatoes, carrots, flaxseed, buckwheat flour, olive oil, vanilla extract, allspice, nutmeg, a little sea salt and some water. This in the foodprocessor:

Spread on the sheet from the dehydrator:

And this is what they look like when  dried (40C/115F 16 hours).

The second crackers:

Buckwheat flour, carrots, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seed blond, water, sesame seeds, some sea salt and olive oil. All this goes in to the foodprocessor.
On a sheet in the dehydrator along with the first cracker. batter

And this is how they look like 🙂

Delicious crunchy balls

Today I make delicious crunchy balls made for my birds.
They are totally crazy about the snack!
I make the crunchy balls with the ingredients which at that time I have at home.
I already have a recipe for crunchy balls  HERE.
This time I I used the ingredients:
Spelt flour, Harrisons Bird Bread flour (Hot Pepper), mixed nuts, coconut flakes, jungle peanuts, sesame, egg, water, oats and guava fruit powder.

Kiko is curious and of course he come to take a look and play with the measure spoon 🙂

Mix everything together and then turn the dough in to little balls.

knapperige balletjes
The balls goes in the oven (350 F) for about 20-30 minutes.
What a wonderful smell in the house as the balls are in the oven to bake 🙂

knapperige balletjes uit de oven
And baked it. Now they can enjoy the great snacks!

Crunchy balls

Tonight I make some nice crunchy balls for the birds. The idea comes from the organic foods & treats from Avian Organics food. Each time I make balls, they are different, since the ingredients differ.
Not all recipes are provided with measurements. I cook by estimation, you’ll pick that skill up pretty fast 😉

The mash:

After I have made small balls, ready to go into the oven:

Today ingredients:
Spelt flour
Harrisons pellets pulverized
sesame seed
flax seed
coconut flakes
coconut oil
apple powder
sambal (indon. chilipaste)
ground nuts
little sunflower- and pumpkin seeds
little sweetener (Stevia = a naturally sweet & calorie-free herb ) -> Next time I do not apply.
water and an egg

In the oven at 175 C (350 F)
for 25-30 minutes and cool down.

The result:

I taste it: it is nice 😀
The balls will stay fresh for a few days in a sealed container or in the frige. I like to keep it in the freezer. Defrost the balls before you gif it to your birds.

Tomorrow we will see if the birdies like to eat the homemade crunchy balls!