Pellets #4

I have make some pellets!What’s in it: sprouts, bananas, red peppers, sweet peppers (red, green and yellow), pods, apples, cauliflower, jungle peanuts, sesame seeds, goji berries, kale, bean pot.
Go through the blender.

Spread in the drying trays.

After 12 hours drying.

Parrots bean dish

This weekend I make a parrots bean dish, I soak beans (12 hours) and cooked them (half hour) and put it in a hay box (all night). I made ​​the following day portions to freeze.

Whats in the parrots beans dish: (forgot to take pictures):
Adukibonen, mung beans, soybeans, chickpeas. Later I add some blanched broccoli, quinoa, peppers and corn.

Today: bean dish, banana, cucumber, bee pollen, apple, goji berries, mulberry, tropical patee and dried vegetables.

Vegetable parrot meal

Yesterday I had a delicious vegetable meal prepared for the parrots, but I left my iphone at work… These pictures are not very pretty, but you get an indication of what the birds have eaten.

This meal: endive, cabbage, peppers, carrots, quinoa, cooked beans, peas and corn.

At the side of course Harrison’s and home-made pellets.

Today quinoa, vegetables leftover from yesterday, mandarin, apple, coconut chips and