Cleaning and cooking on your own?

Cleaning and cooking on your own? No… because Kiko is always nearby!

Today the birds eat: carrot, cucumber, cooked quinoa, apple, retich, dried fig, dried cranberries, a piece of prawn cracker and some hemp- and sesame seeds.
FYI: the birds always get some Harrisons pellets next to the fresh food.

While making our dinner, Kiko was also stopped by to approve the fresh vegetables…

Enjoy eating!

Life is sometimes so simple with some tasty snacks for birds, for example. If I bring the birds from their sleeping cage (upstairs) downstairs to the livingroom, food and water already present. What I hear is a typical satisfied caique ‘happy food sound’ – always nice to hear!
I also see that the caiques and Tommy, my African Grey, immediately  explore for food. They seek in holes and corners for hidden goodies. And diving on the bowls to see what’s for breakfast.
It gives me a good feeling that they are happy!
yummy bits, bee pollen, rice cooking pot, peppers, zucchini, cucumber, radish and hemp seeds.

Last night were the two little men Rikki and Kiko finally back ‘on speaking terms’. Normally they have sometimes a day or two a quarrel, but last week I thought  they did not like eachother anymore….
Last night they probably thought to bury the hatchet and they were grooming each other.

I found this nice summer picture of 2010 photo 🙂
rikki en kiko