The best parrots crunchiest cookies

Meanwhile I have been busy and working with various experiments to fabricate the best crunchiest parrots cookie. Soon I will place a recipe of these ultimately very successful snacks.

Actually these are like the homemade pellets. This time baked in the oven at 100 degrees celcius.
They are crispy and the birds love them!
Now even easier to make!
You can hide them into a toy, so they must do some nibble work to get the food.

Soon I will place a recipe, because I must measure everything.
Now some pictures of my tryouts  😀







Pellets #9

Today I make a new supply of pellets and fresh mash to freeze.

The Saturday delivery of organic fruits and vegetables:

The ingredients for the pellets:

red peppers
rocket lettuce
Pick Steel
field lettuce

(there is also a bag of winter purslane I make cookies of -> see next blog)
I add also cooked quinoa, 2 apples, hemp seeds, mixed nuts and some sunflower seeds.

All through the blender:

Mash smearing on dehydrator sheets:

A number of molds filled with mash to put in the freezer:

Take it out of the molds and in put in ziplock bags back in the freezer:

The pellets out of the dryer:

Update lovely parrot meals

Been busy IRL, now some pictures of three lovely meals.

Today was easy: Harrisons pellets, crunchy balls, red grape, apple, banana, wild jungle peanut and kiwi .

Kiwi, mango, mixed salad with arugula, red pepper and corn.


White and black sesame seeds, cooked beans, coconut, dried vegetables, salad with radishes and peppers.

Bonus: rikki on film 🙂

Bird pellets #8

It was quite a while back that I’ve made pellets, so today I make a new batch!
Rikki  was my help today, who is currently very possessive of the things he hold more than 2 seconds… It was quite a commotion in the kitchen of Rikki claimed almost everything I was working with… It was a lot of noise from such a small bird, but it makes not a lot of  impression:-p

Red and yellow peppers, broccoli, red cabbage, banana, chili peppers, pear, mixed nuts, radish.

Rikki loves it fresh 🙂

Stir everything together
And now in the dehydrator.
Photos to follow of the pellets when finished!

Several parrots meals

Below a number of outstanding photos of meals for parrots that I have not yet been posted.
Quinoa, grape, rocket lettuce, red peppers and cooked beans.

Apple, cucumber, rocket lettuce, red cabbage, seame seeds, pine nuts, zucchini

Pellets, homemade pellets, dried vegetables, tropical patee, mulberry and raisins.
Cooking pot beans, mandarin, apple, red cabbage, jungle peanuts, quinoa and peppers.


Red cabbage, cucumber, peppers, zucchini, arugula

Carrot, pomegranate seeds, cucumber, bean cooking pot, grape, fruit powder and rocket.

Pellets #5

I made pellets again today. Pellets number 5! I’m so glad to see that the birds love it. So far all variations are a success 🙂

Ingredients this time:
Fresh corn – pods – sprouts – sugar snap peas – Mini corn – red peppers – apples – grapes – broccoli – jungle peanuts (germinated: soybeans, chickpeas – mung beans) => this time no sprouts.

ingredienten pellets #5

Before everything went in the dryer I have a separate bowl given to the birds with the fresh ingredients:
ingredienten pellets

From dryer it looks like this:

pellets # 5

Pellets are always easy to perform in addition to fresh food daily. It’s also easy to process into (food)toys, so it remains challenging to obtain food.

Vegetable parrot meal

Yesterday I had a delicious vegetable meal prepared for the parrots, but I left my iphone at work… These pictures are not very pretty, but you get an indication of what the birds have eaten.

This meal: endive, cabbage, peppers, carrots, quinoa, cooked beans, peas and corn.

At the side of course Harrison’s and home-made pellets.

Today quinoa, vegetables leftover from yesterday, mandarin, apple, coconut chips and

Brussels sprout, sprouts and quinoa

What did the birds get this morning:
Brussels sprout, sprouts, quinoa, 3 pistachios, cooked beans, bee pollen, apple and coconut chips. Mixed with pomegranate powder.


I’m ready for making pellets again.  Beans are sprouting a few days now. They are almost done and then we can add fresh fruit and vegetables for make the pellets in the dehydrator.

I have made two pellet-versions already​​, and the parrots love them! They prefer my version over the Harrisons! I must be careful that they eat enough nutrients because the Harrison’s pellets have added supplements.
Using the dehydrator many vitamins and minerals retained, except vitamin A and C, which will be lost. I have to make sure they get these vitamins from fresh foods.