Lovely parrots bite

Today I make a nice snack for the birdies.
Soon I’m going on vacation, my sister move into my house to take care for the birds. What a luxury huh 🙂 I did not been on vacation for three years because I did not know how to take care for the birds. This is the ideal solution 🙂

Apple, mash thawed from the freezer, hemp seed, buckwheat seed, mulberry berries and bee pollen.

Several parrots meals

Below a number of outstanding photos of meals for parrots that I have not yet been posted.
Quinoa, grape, rocket lettuce, red peppers and cooked beans.

Apple, cucumber, rocket lettuce, red cabbage, seame seeds, pine nuts, zucchini

Pellets, homemade pellets, dried vegetables, tropical patee, mulberry and raisins.
Cooking pot beans, mandarin, apple, red cabbage, jungle peanuts, quinoa and peppers.


Red cabbage, cucumber, peppers, zucchini, arugula

Carrot, pomegranate seeds, cucumber, bean cooking pot, grape, fruit powder and rocket.

Nice parrot food

I have been busy the last few days and forget to take pictures of the birdfood I make … But the birds eat none the less 🙂

Here are the photos I’ve made​​:
brocoli met wilde jungle pinda's
Cooked beans, jungle peanuts, yellow peppers, broccoli,  pear, arugula,  sesame seeds and bee pollen.

Groenten mix met noten

Today I was so busy with the idea that I like to put the birdfood in the mixer, before I knew it was all blend … so there is no pic of it :-s
But what’s in the mix?
Arugula, broccoli, parsley, grapes, agave powder, mixed nuts, cooked beans, mulberries and coconut chips.