Birds in nature are part of the day finding food (foraging). In addition, they are working on socializing, preening, sleep and in the season: ensuring the nest and baby birds.
In our homes the parrots are sitting in the cage for a long time with food and drink bowls  always available. Boredom can easily strike. Therefore, it is fun and instructive to provide foraging toys for your bird(s).  You can buy them, but certainly you can make it yourself! This is not to difficult. For example, I regularly give the birds an empty toilet roll with crumpled newspaper stuffed with a nut. Thus they are demolish and eventually they find a tasty snack!

I also have for each bird a stainless steel kebab skewer. I stringing food and (demolition) toys. Food and demolish … what more does a bird want? : p

IMG_0707This is a handy skewer.

In the paper bag is also a nut clogged.

Kiko begins to explore the skewer immediately

IMG_1117A skewer with smartieboxes, filled with a healthy treat :-)

Medicine boxes filled with dry food, little orange peppers and apple slice.

foragingAt our house no one is smoking anymore, but a box of medicine or candy boxes are also working great! Take a paper towel, including a paper cake paper, fill it with a nut; crumpled it and put in a box. This also gives a lot of fun!

IMG_4606 IMG_4604Small cardboard boxes with nice things in it. Put a Tie Rip through it and attach it to the cage. Use your imagination. Each bird is curious and wants to know what’s in that box 🙂


Last week I made some foraging toys ​​for the birds.
Boxes filled with paper, plastic, toys, pellets and a muffin wrapper, filled with a delicious nut.

Kiko popped in and inspect if everything went well.

Closed boxes and a tie-rip through it, so I put them on the living tree or cage. That’s a lot more fun than when the box is not tethered 🙂