Pellets #9

Today I make a new supply of pellets and fresh mash to freeze.

The Saturday delivery of organic fruits and vegetables:

The ingredients for the pellets:

red peppers
rocket lettuce
Pick Steel
field lettuce

(there is also a bag of winter purslane I make cookies of -> see next blog)
I add also cooked quinoa, 2 apples, hemp seeds, mixed nuts and some sunflower seeds.

All through the blender:

Mash smearing on dehydrator sheets:

A number of molds filled with mash to put in the freezer:

Take it out of the molds and in put in ziplock bags back in the freezer:

The pellets out of the dryer:

Bird pellets #8

It was quite a while back that I’ve made pellets, so today I make a new batch!
Rikki  was my help today, who is currently very possessive of the things he hold more than 2 seconds… It was quite a commotion in the kitchen of Rikki claimed almost everything I was working with… It was a lot of noise from such a small bird, but it makes not a lot of  impression:-p

Red and yellow peppers, broccoli, red cabbage, banana, chili peppers, pear, mixed nuts, radish.

Rikki loves it fresh 🙂

Stir everything together
And now in the dehydrator.
Photos to follow of the pellets when finished!

Cookies / crackers / chips

This week I enjoy to experimenting with the dehydrator.  I make for myself as well for the birds some crunchy snacks. Whether you call it cookies, crackers or chips: we think they are delicious 🙂

I made two different batters.

The first crackers:
Sweet potatoes, carrots, flaxseed, buckwheat flour, olive oil, vanilla extract, allspice, nutmeg, a little sea salt and some water. This in the foodprocessor:

Spread on the sheet from the dehydrator:

And this is what they look like when  dried (40C/115F 16 hours).

The second crackers:

Buckwheat flour, carrots, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seed blond, water, sesame seeds, some sea salt and olive oil. All this goes in to the foodprocessor.
On a sheet in the dehydrator along with the first cracker. batter

And this is how they look like 🙂

Very healthy raw food

I address myself more and more to raw food principle, for myself and for the birds: many healthy uncooked vegetables and fruits. It is delicious and easy … If I make myself a salad, then I immediately have a delicious salad for the parrots!
Currently there are some crackers in the dehydrator. They are delicious,  and I think the birds cannot resist them either. 🙂
I will soon mention how I’ve made them!

saladeWhat do we have today for lunch:
cucumber, zucchini, carrot, rocket lettuce, red cabbage.
I will have a nice dressing naturally 😉

Another picture from yesterday:

Cooked beans, grape, pomegranate, carrot, capsicum, rocket salad and agave powder.

Parrot Pellets #3

An update of making a new variation of parrot pellets.
Again with all fresh products. The birds love the home made pellets and these were approved again 🙂

A few days sprouted vegetables such as:
Mung and adukibeans, red and green lentils and chickpeas.

Add some  fruit and vegetables:

like broccoli, red and yellow peppers, lettuce, sugar snap peas, quinoa, mango, apple, lemon, sesame seeds, wild jungle peanuts.

All through the blender and mixed. For about 12 hours in the Dehydrator.