Fruit bite

Today, a tasty fruit snack. That’s usually favored by the parrots here!
I’m really easy-going with making pictures. Buzzy with a lot of things in the morning before I go to work – it’s just always hectic. But I have to make every morning a picture… It’s just so inspiring for many people.
Today I make a quick fruitbite: apple, pear, raspberry, blueberry, cucumber, pomegranate, cress, and a crunchy ball.

Happy newyear!

I wish everyone a very nice, loving and animalfriendly 2012!

The new year has started and now I have a bit more time to post regularly blogs!

I had some sweat mini pumpkins that the birds enjoy to completely ‘demolishing’. Unfortunately I have no pictures, but will next time…

The dish for today:
Cress, bee pollen, kiwi, red peppers, cooking beans, pumpkin and pomegranate seeds.

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