Mash / Chop / Basic parrot food

This morning I make a small batch of Chop.
I give this basic food along with some Harrison’s pellets to my birds.
I usually add some fresh or frozen fruit with the Chop.

I start with some ingredients (whatever I have in the pantry) and chop
them in the food processor:
In this case: Apple from my garden with zest, red, yellow and orange peppers, spinach, mixed nuts, arugula.

IMG_2004Mix together.
Feezing in easy servings

Offer the birds with tasty additions.
In this case:
Fresh Banana, Pistachio, crape, hemp seed and a piece of fig.



Is your parrot picky and don’t like chop?

Don’t your parrot eat mixed vegetables (mash/chop)?

How I learn my African Grey eating chop.
I made a nice mash / chop, and threw it in the blender, not too long, just nice small pieces  ​​and I add pieces of nut: half walnut, a cashew, hazelnut or other nuts. Just because my Grey love nuts!
The little nut was also devide in smal pieces and I add it at the blended greens.
Gradually I reduce the amount of nuts and after a while only greens/fruits remained.
I do not remember exactly how long it took Tommy began to eat everything, but I think after  2-3 months.

Now I add sometimes nuts or seeds at the mash, just to spoil my birds 🙂

Basic / mash / chop / mixture

I made a batch of basic veggie mixture. Delicious fresh raw organic vegetables. Divided into portions and frozen. Convenient for everyday use, just add some ingredients and every day there is a lovely meal. And the stock saves a lot of work in the morning 🙂

In this case, I made the following mixture:

All colors are represented.

A big pot full of chopped vegetables.

That looks so healthy! Nice base for a delicious vegetable soup!

Divided into portions for later, when it is frozen, to take out the portions from the form and place in a Ziploc bag.

In the absence of forms, here some smaller Ziploc bags to put in the freezer.

And here the basic mix with some fruit through.