Date bon bons

This week I make some Date bon bons for the birds.
Must say that these are again very popular.

They are made of:
buckwheat flour
pinch of cinnamon
black and white sesame seeds

Put everything except sesame seeds, in the blenders (dates takes some time), then mixed sesame seeds in, it will bee a thick paste. Smear on non-stick sheet and cut in with knife strokes/ cubes (let them stick together). In Dehydrator at 104 ˚ F degrees until it dried up (I let it in the Dehydrator for the night). It is still a little soft.

Halfway I take the bon bons blocks loosened.

The wet bon bons during drying.

Bon bons when they were ready.

Birdie banana bon bons

Inspired by  a recipe at Megan her blog ‘Parrot Foraging and Fun’  I immediately wanted to make a tasty snack for my birds. The recipe is adapted to the stuff I had in stock and it became delicious Birdie banana bon bons!

buckwheat flour, banana, chopped nuts, raisins, coconut flakes and a tablespoon organic palm kernel oil

sunflower seeds, buckwheat, flaxseed and quinoa flakes.
Mixed it and make little balls than roll through quinoa flakes.
Out of the oven: (30 min. 350F)