Parrots bean dish

This weekend I make a parrots bean dish, I soak beans (12 hours) and cooked them (half hour) and put it in a hay box (all night). I made ​​the following day portions to freeze.

Whats in the parrots beans dish: (forgot to take pictures):
Adukibonen, mung beans, soybeans, chickpeas. Later I add some blanched broccoli, quinoa, peppers and corn.

Today: bean dish, banana, cucumber, bee pollen, apple, goji berries, mulberry, tropical patee and dried vegetables.

Brussels sprout, sprouts and quinoa

What did the birds get this morning:
Brussels sprout, sprouts, quinoa, 3 pistachios, cooked beans, bee pollen, apple and coconut chips. Mixed with pomegranate powder.


I’m ready for making pellets again.  Beans are sprouting a few days now. They are almost done and then we can add fresh fruit and vegetables for make the pellets in the dehydrator.

I have made two pellet-versions already​​, and the parrots love them! They prefer my version over the Harrisons! I must be careful that they eat enough nutrients because the Harrison’s pellets have added supplements.
Using the dehydrator many vitamins and minerals retained, except vitamin A and C, which will be lost. I have to make sure they get these vitamins from fresh foods.

Nice parrot food

I have been busy the last few days and forget to take pictures of the birdfood I make … But the birds eat none the less 🙂

Here are the photos I’ve made​​:
brocoli met wilde jungle pinda's
Cooked beans, jungle peanuts, yellow peppers, broccoli,  pear, arugula,  sesame seeds and bee pollen.

Groenten mix met noten

Today I was so busy with the idea that I like to put the birdfood in the mixer, before I knew it was all blend … so there is no pic of it :-s
But what’s in the mix?
Arugula, broccoli, parsley, grapes, agave powder, mixed nuts, cooked beans, mulberries and coconut chips.

Receive order for my birdies and me

I received an order of the following products: Peeled organic hemp seed, organic blonde flaxseed, Jungle Peanuts (raw, organic), and raw bee pollen.

This morning I had no time to prepare something, they jusst get some Harrisons pellets, but this afternoon I give the following:

Peppers, dried vegetables, mulberries, 2 raw jungle nuts, apple, some sesame seeds, hemp seeds, pollen and sprinkled with pineapple powder.