Update lovely parrot meals

Been busy IRL, now some pictures of three lovely meals.

Today was easy: Harrisons pellets, crunchy balls, red grape, apple, banana, wild jungle peanut and kiwi .

Kiwi, mango, mixed salad with arugula, red pepper and corn.


White and black sesame seeds, cooked beans, coconut, dried vegetables, salad with radishes and peppers.

Bonus: rikki on film 🙂

Pellets #6

This time new pellets but without sprouts (time was too short).
Beetroot, jungle peanut, arugula, red peppers, watercress, apple, banana, grapes, broccoli, yellow and red peppers and sesame seeds.

pellets #6

pellets commercieel en zelf gemaakt
Sidedish 🙂
Along with Harrison’s pellets a delicious meal. Nice to report that the  homemade pellets be chosen over the Harrison’s! Also by Tommy who loves the Harrison’s pellets  🙂

Potatoes arugula meal

This morning a delicious meal with potatoes, corn, arugula and many more delicacies.

Kiko is in two weeks treatment with antifungal drops, and I must say that it really is successful! It was hard to find a way to give him the drops. I put the drops in very sweet things but he did not want to eat it…Finally I put the drops in some spreadable sausage. Today I will call the vet to tell him what’s going on.aardappel rucola maaltje
Potatoes, broccoli, peas, corn, cooked beans, arugula, mulberries, sesame seeds, tropical patee.