Vitamin A

Birds tend to have a shortage of vitamin A. A deficiency of vitamin A can damage the mucous membranes of throat, mouth and respiratory. Reduce resistance to infections.

Where can you find a large amount of vitamin A? Egg yolk and cod liver oil.
Providing green food is definitely important because with the provitamin A in it,  the bird’s body can create vitamin A by itself.

Which vegetables contains the main provitamin A?
Carrots, endive, lettuce, fennel, broccoli, peas, green celery, bok choy and spinach provide more than 120 micrograms of vitamin A per serving of 100 g.
Numerous small green herbs are vitamin A-bombs, especially parsley, cress, watercress, chervil, chives and purslane.

When vegetables are cooked about 20 to 50 percent of the vitamins lost. On the other hand, the other vitamins or antioxidants can be better absorbed properly by the breakdown of the cell structure of the vegetables. Cooked carrots, for example, providing more provitamin A than raw.

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