Do’s & Dont’s

  • CAUTION: I am not a parrot expert or a nutritionist.  Please talk to your veterinarian about your parrot food recipe to be sure it does not contain anything harmful to the species, and that it will supply adequate nourishment.
  • Make sure fruit and vegetable first rinse them before you edit  and give it to your bird(s).
  • Some foods are toxic to parrots and must avoided when you make your own parrot food. These includes:
    (shelled) ground peanuts (read this about the good jungle peanuts!)
    some seeds (from fruit)
    onion (including garlic and chives)
    Be careful, or give no tomato, spinach and mushrooms
  • If you are giving your birds a pellet with added supplements, read the instructions you can give besides the pellets.

    Again, I am not a nutritionist, so If you are in doubt, always look on the internet or ask your veterinarian!
    I avoid upper foods because I know or heard they are not good.

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7 thoughts on “Do’s & Dont’s

  1. Hi there. I’m curious about your “no tomatoes”… my birds get tomatoes now and then and love the seeds inside. I do know, however, that only the fruit is safe to give them. The other plant parts – stem, vines and leaves – are considered toxic. 🙂

  2. Rhubarb stalks are fine – only the leaves are toxic.

    You make awesome food for your fids…well done.

  3. Hi, you have vegetable seeds and seeds written down.

    seeds and seeds, do you mean vegetable seeds and fruit seeds? There are actually quite a few seeds from fruit and vegetables that are extremely nutritious for parrots, better than the flesh even.

    Tomato spinach and mushrooms aren’t toxic BUT each does have it’s problems when giving them to parrots which is why hey’re often put on toxic lists and avoided.

    Garlic in very small doses has been proven to be beneficial to parrots. Too much is bad.

    Nice website :))))

  4. Hi
    Great recipes!
    Do I need to buy all ingredient individually? Or can these be present in his normal everyday food?
    I have just purchased a wood toy stuffed with nice food inside! He loved this!
    Can I make my own food to replace this?


  5. Hi there,

    We’ve also created an article on the same subject of unsafe bird foods. Also, an infographic of 55 foods that are safe (and unsafe) for pet birds. Your audience might be interested in our infographic here:

    Feel free to add this image to your page if you think it’s useful.

    All the best,

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