Crispy chunks for parrots – recipe


Dear readers, I finally weighed all the ingredients for the delicious crispy chunks for parrots, but I forgot to take pictures during the preparation hahaha!
So I put some pictures in this blog from other cooking sessions, so you get a good all over picture.
The picture above is, incidentally, from this batch πŸ™‚

40 grams of mixed nuts
40 grams of mixed organic seeds
100 grams drained cooked Quinoa
30 grams buckwheat flour
10 grams sunflower seeds
10 grams buckwheat kernels
10 grams Sesame blond
10 grams Sesame black
10 grams negro seed


Crush the nuts and the banana and put all the ingredients together.
Press firmly into a mold and place it on an oven rack, covered with silver foil.


Put it in a preheated oven and bake at  150˚ C till it is dry inside.

I baked the chunks in my oven in 20 minutes, but then it was not dry inside, so I haveΒ expanded the time with another 15 minutes. I have a convection oven.
Please note, every oven is different!

Store tip:
When the chucks are cool down, I put them in a bowl and safe them in the freezer, so I have every time delicious crunchy chumks for the birds.

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