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  1. Absolutely love your blog, your ideas are fantastic and so inspiring. I have never used a dehydrator to prepare my birds’ food but am going to start. I love what you are doing, please keep sharing!

  2. Hello,
    I’m enjoying the view of your blog, and even if I don’t have any bird ( I have only one wild cat and it’s enough…) you amazed me!
    Really you do some fantastic recipes for birds! Better than most human.


  3. My Quaker Chloe is not allowed to have ANY carbs anymore, i.e. rice, pasta, quinoa. Any good ideas for a new thing for her? She usually gets romaine or spring lettuce, brocolli, cauliflower, grated carrot, snow or snap peas, cooked frozen peas and corn sometimes, grapes, zucchini, apple, pomengranate, orange, pear and sometimes banana. Thanks. I am allowed to give her half a Cheerio a day but I cheat and give her a whole one.

    • So I looked up what Quakers do eat in there natureal habitat:

      “Quaker Parakeets native habitat is extreme southeastern Brazil, through Uruguay to Central Argentina.
      In the wild these birds usually reside in lowland and low rainfall areas, in open forest trees along watercourses, savanna woodland, palm groves, farmlands and orchards.
      Groups go out from the nest and band together to feed in open grasslands or cultivated fields. They feed on seeds, fruits, berries, nuts, leaf buds and blossoms, insects and their larvae. Favorite foods include seed of thistles, grasses and various trees, especially tala and palm nuts.”

      I always recommend to offer the food as much as possible what they can find in their natural habitat.

  4. Hello,

    I love your website and it gave me so many ideas for my babies. I think I will start on my own home made pellets. I am doing research for a dehydrator now. What brand do you use? Any you recommend? Do you see a huge increase in your energy bills as a result of the use?

    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Jacqui, I am glad you like my website and want to make your own pellets. At first I use a Stockli dehydrator, not that expensive and so I could get the hang on dehydrating. Now I use a excalibur dehydrator, the fan is on the back instead of the bottom, and I’m really fond of it! The dehydrator uses very little power, which can be read anywhere on the internet, so really worth to buy.
      Have fun making pellets!

  5. Hi,my name is leanne,i’m from South Africa,i just want to say i’m so happy to see their are so many people that love their birds like we do,u are doing a wonder thing with your blog,please don’t ever stop,i am telling alot of people to go on your web site,thanks for all the wonderful ideas,and your birdies are so sweet,take care,can’t wait for the next blog

  6. I stumbled on your website today and found it to be one of the best resources on cooking for parrots that I have come across.

    I plan to showcase your website on our Facebook page at least once a week.

    Thank you so very much.

    Greg Kevakian
    Broken Wing
    “Celebrating the life of all God’s creations!”

  7. Hi there,
    I am from Kuwait and I have a pair of Yellow Sided Conures, which are very foody. They are comfortable with whatever I feed. Your Recipes are helping them a lot. They are now more healthier with wonderful plumage.
    I have one suggestion if you can work-out something. If your recipes & other topics are available in downloadable PDF version, I can print & keep a copy in my KItchen. 😉

  8. Not sure if this sight is still active. I have acquired a Conure that is between 5 and 7 years old, I think. I am having trouble getting her to eat veggies or fruits. The person I got her from fed her spaghetti and chicken wings. The seed I got from him is mainly sunflower and kernels or corn (which she doesn’t eat). Looking forward to trying some of your recipes. Will collect some plantain and flowers tomorrow for her. I hope she likes it. Thanks for posting these recipes and information. Very helpful.

    • Hi Judy!
      My CAG did not eat veggies or fruit. Just keep on offering the right food.
      Make a mix of fruits and vegetables and grind it in a kitchen machine, and put in some pieces of nut or his favorite food. He will then get some of the rest of the food. You will see that he will used to the taste in the long run. Goodluck!

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