Organic food

Organic is the way to produce delicious and diverse food with respect for nature. The food is grown without chemical fertilizers and (toxic) chemical pesticides and contain no chemical or synthetic fragrances, colors, flavors or preservatives.

Is organic healthier?
It is obvious that a healthy agricultural products has healthy yields. No poison sprayed so you can not get it inside. Producers of baby food for example, often using organic ingredients. Organic vegetables and fruits are in fact free from pesticide residues. They also contain an average of more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and bioactive compounds. Organic milk contains more healthy fatty acids.

  • Organic fruits and vegetables contain more bioactive compounds such as antioxidants. This is in trials with several different products found.
  • The protein content of organic cereals is lower in comparison to conventional cereals. This is consistently found in several studies.
  • Organic fruits and vegetables contain on average a higher content of vitamin C. This has been repeatedly found in well-conducted studies. This is however an average level, not all studies consistently show a higher level in organic products.

In general, the official scientific standards are not hard evidence that organic food is healthier than “normal” food, but the evidence piling up. What’s clear is that organic farming is more environmentally friendly than the current, which is on balance also healthier for us all.

I buy a lot of organic food for myself and I give it my birds also.
But organic food or not, in my mind is giving fresh food to my birds a step closer to the natural diet of the birds.

Fruit breakfast

Apple, pear, banana, cress, bee pollen, hulled hemp, sesame, beans, cooked beans and a few homemade pellets.

In the mix:

A few days I let wild raw jungle peanuts germinate. It succeeds, but because it takes so long (they are also large nuts …) I find it scary to give it to my birds… It smells a bit sour… Maybe I can grow a nice plant out of it! 😉